We know we can help make a difference and here is our proof!


“I think this program is a very good idea. It teaches the dogs obedience and manners but it also teaches us responsibility. I felt like every week it was more important to show up on time.” –D.M. “Second Chance” program graduate

“I thought it was great! I could not ask for a better new friend and it made me so proud to see him improve every week. I honestly want to move on further with his training and get him certified to be a service dog.” G.G. “Second Chance” program graduate

“The first day I saw my dog, I knew I wanted to work with him so that he could be adopted to a good home with a special family. I have learned a lot through this program and this program has helped me with my personality. I just want to say thank you so much for having me here with the program.” T.G. “Second Chance” program graduate


“Today was my first time working on a farm and I think I know where I want to do community service from now on! I love working with animals and everyone there is really kind and made me feel at home. Waking up early on a Saturday usually isn’t the best feeling, but when I’m working here it is :)”

“I love coming to the farm! It’s a different experience and you get a view of a different lifestyle.”

“I love (Cathy’s Critters). Since day 1 I fell in love with all the animals and staff. This experience changed my life. I used to be so scared of animals and I have conquered my fear of any type of animals. Coming to (Cathy’s Critters) made me a better person. I like all the animals now. Thank you (Cathy’s Critters) for having me.”

“My experience at the farm has been wonderful! Working with the bunnies has been amazing and they’re so cute! Ms. Lori is an amazing person who is always telling us how well we were doing. I enjoy working at HAIEA! And I will most definitely come back!”

“I liked working with the animals at (Cathy’s Critters) farm. It was a good first experience.”

“I liked it here because of working with the animals. I like working at the farm because all the different animals and getting to help other people and animals out.”

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